Accomplished Consultancy & Management Capability for the Power and Gas Industry
"If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough."
A. Einstein 

GLobal Energy Asset Management and Consultancy is a boutique firm specialising in the power and gas industries. The name reflects the aim of the firm: providing clarity in the complex world of technical and commercial asset management. 

The company is led by Remco Frenken, a seasoned energy professional with more than 25 years of experience in asset optimization, trading and portfolio management.  Remco is widely acknowledged within the industry for providing actionable insights, as he fully understands the commercial and the technical aspects of the complex energy value chain in the current disruptive environment.

Expertise of GLEAM founder:

Value Extraction Power Plant: projects in Europe, China, Russia and Australia. Up to €10m value optimization. Coal, gas, renewables and biomass.

Due Diligence Support: projects for power generators, energy trading companies, grid companies, portfolio management companies.

Energy Contracting: projects on ‘green purchasing’ (up to 10 year/ 1.4 TWh/y/ 500+ mln) for major industrials.

Portfolio optimization: projects for industrials (including monetization of flexibility) and energy companies. Includes best practice assessments.

Security of Supply: various projects for major cross national TSO, aligning technical and commercial perspectives

Business Development & Origination: idea generation, business case development, team management, execution.
GLEAM provides consultancy services, as well as interim senior management services in the power & gas industries. GLEAM has an extensive network of contractors, enabling us to scale up if required. For major projects we are happy to compliment the team as a sub-contractor supporting mid-sized and large consultancy & engineering firms.

GLEAM is a young company, however the founder brings a wealth of experience with him:
2019 →

Interim Manager Origination and Business Development (3 days per week)


Priogen is an innovative trading company, growing exponentially with the Energy Transition. To bolster growth, the leadership team decided to complement their trading activities with an origination department. 

We were asked to provide a ‘jump start’ leveraging our 20+ years of experience. We built the team and defined the ‘ways of working’ related to deal structure & proposition, execution & risk management, operational handling etc. 

Established profitable portfolio, consisting of renewable PPA’s, options and trading services, with a client base in Benelux and Germany.
Business Models for Flexibility Harvesting

Leading Distribution Company (the Netherlands, more than 1 billion turnover)

The Energy Transition poses increased pressure on Distribution Grids. Harvesting of flexibility provides opportunities to limit cost increases and/or decrease connection times. 

We provided a quantitative and qualitative analysis of various potential business models to encourage flexibility, leveraging our technical and commercial expertise.

Prioritization of most viable “flexibility initiatives”.
Establishing “Best Practice” Energy Contracting 
Major Energy Consumer (1% of Dutch Power consumption)

Client objective was to sharpen their energy procurement strategy, triggered by growing volumes, ending of historical contracts and organizational changes. 

We provided an overview of risks & opportunities of various purchasing strategies including peer to peer comparison. In parallel, the risk profile of client was defined. 

Revised strategy, tailored to capabilities of the team within the risk profile approved by the Board.
Due Diligence 
Strategic Investor

The client is an established investor in ‘advanced start-ups and start-through companies in the energy transition space’. They get offered a wide range of investment opportunities.  To assess investment opportunities, they cooperate with thought leaders like us.

We assess the I.M. and conduct challenge sessions with the Management Team of the target company. Where appropriate, we also talk to clients of the target company. We summarize our findings for Client, including a ‘green flag/orange flag/red flag’ overview. 

Advisory Recommendations Report
Subject Matter Expert 
Various International Management Consultancy Firms

Consultancy firms often require specialized knowledge to support their on-site team.

Provisioning of in-depth expertise on specific topics. Examples include trading, power plant operation, risk management, credit risk, capture rates renewables and option pricing. 

Recent assignments: 
  • Benchmarking Asset Management for a mid sized utility in China
  • Due Diligence support for an asset portfolio in Ireland
  • Advice on price levels & contracting structures for renewable PPA’s
Industrial "load follows supply"
TenneT commissioned Gleam in cooperation with WaterEnergySolutions to assess the benefits & feasibility of "load follow supply" for Industrials. The following information is publicly available:Result Summary:
  • The Energy Transition will lead to significant higher Power consumption (replacing gas)
  • Various opportunities exist to ‘time shift’ peak demand. Several hurdles identified
  • Limited awareness in industrial sector of flexibility value; high risk of missed opportunities in investment analysis & power purchasing contracts (often aggravated by gap between ‘site’ and ‘centralized purchasing’), resulting in higher costs for the overarching power system
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